Parent Testimonials

Lil’ Kickers has helped our wild two year old channel some of his energy into positive learning experiences. The coaches are amazing and our son looks forward to his class each week!—Father, Son age 2

Our daughter has never played soccer before and she absolutely loves your program. She talks about the coaches all the time and they have really made an impact on her in just a few classes. I understand that your staff retention is high which speaks volumes of your program. Your facility is top rate and we look forward to watching you guys help develop Ella’s skills! I only wish we would have used you guys for our older two kids!—Father, Daughter age 4

I have two daughters in the Lil’ Kickers soccer program. They both absolutely love it and look forward to going on Saturday. It has instilled a sense of accomplishment in them and also boosted their self-assurance and self-esteem. Physically it keeps them active and has definitely increased their hand-eye coordination and soccer kills. It has been a great bonding experience for my daughters and I and provides us a consistent way to spend quality time.—Father, Daughters age 3 and 4

My son tends to make a shy first impression but he gets very comfortable very quickly in class. He feels at home during class which means the world to me!—Mother, Son age 3

Our son has been in Lil’ Kickers since he was just a little more than 18 months, since then he’s become very accustomed to the coaches, the routine, and looks forward to soccer every Saturday morning. The coaches are so patient with all the kids at any age level. They are very good at bringing the kids together during class, even with other distractions. The stability and routine of the class is great for the kids, they become used to rules as they get older and move into more team oriented playing— Father, Son age 5

Lil’ Kickers has given my son the opportunity to listen and follow directions as well as respect for other kids. It’s unbelievable how well he listens and wants to be a part of the class!!! He asks me every day if it’s SOCCER today???!!!—Mother, Son age 4

My son has been attending the program for almost 2.5 years. The program has been great at not only teaching him the beginning fundamentals of soccer, but also teaching him interaction with other adults and children. He has grown socially and his ability to play in a team setting has greatly improved. I feel each level of the program caters ideally to each age group. The coaches are great and my son enjoys the program and looks forward to going every week. I have another child that is 20 months right now and I will surely register him for the Lil’ Kickers program.—Mother, Son age 5

Lil’ Kickers encourages and motivates my child to engage and interact with other kids all while developing new skills.—Mother, Daughter age 2

My son has gained confidence in himself from the praise and fun he has every week at ‘soccer practice’! Lil Kickers gives him the chance to feel like he’s part of a team. He gets to learn how to interact with other kids, wait his turn, follow directions and compete in a safe environment!—Father, Son age 3

My son is learning so much from Lil’ Kickers. Physically, he is working on balancing, hopping, running forwards, backwards and sideways. He’s getting to know the difference between small precise movements and big ones, and the joy of scoring goals. But most importantly, he’s exercising self control and patience. He’s sharing, listening and working together with his team. I love seeing him learn to get back up and keep trying. I’m so proud of him and truly impressed with his progress.—Father, Son age 3

Lil’ Kickers is the highlight of my daughter’s week. As soon as I pull her uniform out, she starts jumping up and down with excitement. Not only is it a great way for her to burn off her extra energy, but she has learned so much there in such a short amount of time.—Mother, Daughter age 2

Lil’ Kickers has encouraged my child to engage in organized sports. I was worried that my son would have a hard time listening, but once the sessions started the instructors did a wonderful job encouraging children to do their best and to keep trying.—Mother, Son age 3

Lil’ Kickers combines an age appropriate soccer program that promotes skill development while having lots of fun! My daughter loves the coaches, the games and the very supportive approach of the coaches and staff. She ‘can’t wait’ to go to soccer practice!—Father, Daughter age 3