LK Soccer

Lil’ Kickers, a strong foundation…
for life

In 1999, Arena Sports (Seattle, WA) started Lil’ Kickers with the goal of building a kids’ program that was fundamentally sound and outrageously fun. Using world renowned child development theories, child development professionals, experienced coaches and the expertise that comes along with thousands of hours of working with children, Lil’ Kickers created a curriculum that introduces kids to soccer and so much more. A program was created that helps develop a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills while providing physical exercise and developing players who are good sports and good teammates — on and off the soccer field.

In 2005, Lil’ Kickers arrived to Sports Zone in Melrose Park. Sports Zone soon became the Home of Lil’ Kickers for all surrounding suburbs of the Chicagoland Area. Our passion grew and nurturing the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of every child became our vision, not only for the suburbs of the Chicagoland Area but for neighboring communities too! In 2008 we expanded to host classes in Niles at Trevian Soccer Park broadening the horizons of our vision of Making a Difference- One Goal at a Time. In 2014, Lil’ Kickers expanded into the Northshore, implementing our child-centered soccer program at the Athletico Center in Northbrook. Our newest locations in both West Suburbs and Evanston opened in winter 2015 with an anticipated expansion into the Wisconsin area in 2016. We strive to continuously grow while upholding the Lil’ Kickers’ mission to lead, inspire, value and equip every child in achieving their developmental milestones to ensure their success both on and off the soccer field.