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Child Development Fueled by Fun

Ages 18 Months – 10 Years Old

Kickstart your child’s development with a fun, high-energy Lil’ Kickers soccer class. Our age-tailored curriculum helps kids ages 2-6 build coordination, confidence, and fundamental skills – all while having a blast!

We’re offering free trial classes so your child can experience the magic of Lil’ Kickers for themselves. Spaces are limited, so reserve your free spot today!

In our engaging 50-minute classes, your child will:

  • Learn to kick, dribble, pass, and more through creative games and activities
  • Burn energy, build strength and improve balance and body awareness
  • Gain confidence, focus, teamwork and good sportsmanship
  • Be coached by our amazing team of patient and encouraging pros

Try Lil’ Kickers risk-free and watch your little one thrive on and off the field. The smiles say it all!

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